Various kinds of road conditions and climates can affect the operation of a vehicle in specific ways. Meaning, regardless if you’re driving to a major city, the mountains, desert, or beach, there are particular things all drivers should consider to condition their vehicles. Luckily, Oklahoma driving school would like to share with you the following preparation you should do in every circumstance for you to reach your destination safely. 

Beach getaway 

In most coastal areas, warm temperatures and level terrain offer a fuel-efficient, low-stress, and smooth trip to the shoreline. Although sun-drenched roads and salty sea air need that particular vehicle care that it deserves. 

Protect the finish by waxing and washing the car using a protective product that cab rust and fade from the salty air and the sun. 

You must entirely clean your hood’s underside and beneath it. There is a possibility that there is still a build-up of grime and salt that’s leftover from the winter. Also, beach salt might harm your brake and fuel lines and electrical connections.  

Clean the interior of your car with a UV protectant shield plastic and vinyl surfaces from the harsh rays of the sun.  

Inspect your vehicle tires if they have the right inflation pressure since under-inflated tires take up more energy.  

Desert Driving 

Long drives over the desert’s sandy roads, intense sun, and hot climate could severely strain any automobile.  

Have your system cleared out and refilled with new coolant before you start driving to the desert to prevent the cooling system to fail.  

Inspect the serpentine belt. If it displays particular damages, you should have it replaced immediately.  

Test the performance of your HVAC systems. If you drive over the desert with no proper ventilation or air conditioning, it could be very uncomfortable and hazardous, most especially for those who travel with elderly passengers and small children. 

Mountain motoring 

Unpaved surfaces, high altitudes, winding, narrow, and steep roads could make driving on mountain difficult. It could also undergo your vehicle with difficulties it’s not used to, 

Inspect the brakes of your vehicle and change worn pads to stop brake face once you descend on steep hills. 

Have your final drive, transmission, and engine checked based on the owner’s manual to minimize the strain that they are about to experience while driving on the mountains.  

Check the wiper blades and have them replaced if needed since mountain climates are prone to severe and sudden rainfall.  

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